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 No. 1, January - March 2005

• India's Bovine Burden: Dairy Cooperatives in a Tradition-ridden Society
- Albert Ravenholt

Agriculture and Religion in Thai Society
- L Falvey

Science in India with Special Reference to Agriculture 
- P M Tamboli and Y L Nene

• Historical Significance of Flowering and Use of Aechmanthera gossypina in Chaudans Valley of Kumaon, India
- Anjula Pandey, K C Bhatt, and K S Negi

• Traditional Agriculture in Tribal Area of Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh
- A Case of Natural Conservation of Agro-Biodiversity - Dinesh Singh, S C Verma, and Vinod Kumar

•Walnut: A Heritage Tree of Jammu and Kashmir
- B L Puttoo

• Criticism of Agricultural Research: Looking Ahead - Some Myth and Some Reality
- J S Kanwar

• Book Review: Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry in Ancient India
- Y L Nene

• Book Review: Makhana
- Anil K Goel

• Progress Report 2004: Asian Agri-History Foundation
- Y L Nene

  No. 2, April - June 2005

Rice Research in South Asia through Ages
- Y L Nene

Two Thai Buddhists and Agriculture
- L Falvey

Insects as Human Food with Special Reference to Assam and Northeast India
- H K Deva Nath, Robin Gogoi, and Gunjan Gogoi

Agriculture in Traditional Wisdom of Haryana
- Uma Ahuja,Rashmi Thakrar, and S C Ahuja

• Traditional Knowledge on Medicinal Properties of Some Plants inGolaghat District of Assam
- R R Bhagowati and M Neog

• Tulaipanji - An Indigenous Scented Rice Genotype of West Bengal
- Dhiman Sen, Arun Bhatt, and Chandan Sourav Kar

• The Significance of Albert Howard
- M G Jackson

• International Conference on Agricultural Heritage of Asia
- Y L Nene

 No. 3, July - September 2005

On Fish in Manasollasa (c. 1131 AD)
- Nalini Sadhale and Y L Nene

Engaged Buddhism and Agriculture
- L Falvey

Rediscovering Scented Rice Cultivar Kalanamak
- U S Singh, Neelam Singh,H N Singh, O P Singh, and R K Singh

Harela: The Farm Festival of Uttaranchal
- D Bhatt and J C Bhatt

Eco-friendly Grain Storage Structures in India
- Tej Verma, Sumita Roy, and
A Mary Swarnalatha

Ethnoveterinary Practices of Raika Pastoralists for Camel Health Management in Bikaner District of Rajasthan
- Devi Singh Rajput, Hema Tripathi, and S K Bhanja

• Traditional Veterinary Medicinal Plants of Bhilangana Valley of Tehari District, Uttaranchal Himalaya
- Lalit Tiwari and P C Pande

• The Pioneer of Sapota Cultivation in India: The Lake Kawasji Palanji Patel
- Mohan Bar

   No. 4, October - December 2005

The Salutary Influence of Irrigation on Human Settlement, Economy, and Political Power in
Pre-modern Southeast Asia
- Y Yagama Reddy

Fertility Management Dynamics of Soil : Exploration of Farmer's Hidden Wisdom
- Ranjay K Singh and Pavan Kumar Singh

Morphological Diversity for Fruit Characters in Bottle Gourd Germplasm from Tribal Pockets of
Telangana Region of Andhra Pradesh, India
- N. Sivaraj and S R Pandravada

• Herbal Treatment of Elephant Ailments in Ancient Assam
- R Roychoudhury and R N Goswami

• Rice Products of Manipur
- M S Singh, E Luikham, O N K Singh, and N B Singh

• INDSAFARI – An Organic Pesticide for Tea
- Valmiki Sreenivasa Ayangarya

• Useful Plants of India: Dyes – Indigo and Madder
- Colonel Heber Drury

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