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 No. 1, January-March 2004

• On Elephants in Manasollasa - 1 Characteristics, Habitat, Methods of Capturing, and Training
- Nalini Sadhale and Y L Nene

• The History of the Early Tea Growers in South Asia
- A B Damania

• Extension of Agrarian Activity in Medieval Andhra Region: The Role of Temples and Land Grants
- Rekha Pande

• Validity of Ethno-veterinary Practices Adopted by Farmers in Dindigul District of Tamil Nadu
- R K Ravi Kumar, B.Sudhakar Rao, Subhash Chandra Bose, and K Sudhakar

• Krishi-Parashara: Rainfall Prediction and Adhika Masa
- Valmiki Sreenivasa Ayanagarya

• Kautilya's Artha-sastra: Elephants
- R Shamasastry

• Progress Report 2003: Asian Agri-History Foundation
- Y L Nene

  No. 2, April-June 2004

• FAITH Gardening and SALT Farming
- Albert Ravenholt

• The Flora in the Aranyakaparvan of the Mahabharat
- M A Mehendale

• On Elephants in Manasollasa - 2. Diseases and Tratment
- Nalini Sadhale and Y L Nene

• Non-conventional Food Plants Associated with Ritual of Rishi-Panchami
- Vinaya S Ghate and Hema Sane

• The Origin of Soma - New Theories and Myths
- A B Damania

• Fourteenth Century Tiller Bawa Jitto of Jammu
- H S Chib and B L Puttoo

• Exchange of Views: Forecast of Winter Monsoon
- S J Reddy and M Murugan

• Recommendations of the National Seminar on Cow in Agriculture and Human Health
- S L Choudhary

• Universities to Introduce Agricultural Heritage Course: Orientation of Prospective Teachers Completed
- P Manikandan and R Kalpana Sastry

• Book Review: A Treatise on the Scented Rices of India
- Y L Nene

 No. 3, July-September 2004

• A Criticism of Present-day Agricultural Research
- Sir Albert Howard

• Plant Conservation in Maharashtra During 17th Century
- D K Kulkarni and M S Kumbhojkar

• On Elephants in Manasollasa - 3. Gajavahyali: Sports with Elephants in the Arena
- Nalini Sadhale and Y L Nene

• Socioeconomic and Ecological Niche of Khejri (Prosopis cineraria) in Traditional Farming Systems of Arid India
- O P Toky and P J C Harris

Arishta (Neem) - The Reliever of Sickness
- Shobha Nagnur. Geeta Channal, and N Channamma

• Some Comments on Vishavavallabha
- J S Kanwar

• Book Review: Vishvavallabha
- I P Abrol

   No. 4, October-December 2004

• The Fauna in the Aranyakaparvan of the Mahabharata
M A Mehendale

• Plant species Utilized as Food During Famines and their Relevance Today
- Y L Nene

• History of Land Use and Settlement: Complexity of Degradation in a Semi-rural Area of Northern Thailand
N Kijtewachakul and M Zoebisch

• Use of Farmyard Manure for a Mass Multiplication and Delivery of Biocontrol Agents Trichoderma harzianum and Pseudomonas fluorescens
Najam Waris Zaidi and U S Singh

• Indigenous Technological Knowhow in Insect Pest and Disease Management of Horticultural Crops in Assam
M Neog, R R Bhagowati, and R J Borah

• Ethno–veterinary Practices of Kapkot Block of Bageshwar District, Uttaranchal
Nisha Bisht, P C Pande, and Lalit Tiwari

• Herbal Kunapa
Valmiki Sreenivasa Ayanagarya

Manujala: A Liquid Manure
Valmiki Sreenivasa Ayangarya

• Long Range Forecast of Monsoon with Astronomy and Local Observations for Maharashtra
V B Vidya

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