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 No. 1, January-March 2003

• In Search of an Adequate Interpretation of Indian Agricultural History
- M G Jackson

• A Historical Perspective of Subsurface Drainage Research in India
- S K Gupta

• Some Comments of Krishi-Parashara
- Valmiki Srinivasa Ayangarya

• Some Notes on the History of the Almond (Badam) in India Between 100 and 1900 AD
- P K Gode

• The Early History and Spread of Coffee
- A B Damania

• Hop Growing in Early Twentieth Century in Kashmir Valley
- B L Puttoo

• Some Errors in Krishi - Parashara
- Valmiki Srinivasa Ayangarya

• Book Review: Agricultrural Heritage of India
- M R Rao

• Progress Report 2002: Asian Agri-History Foundation
- Y L Nene

 No. 2, April-June 2003

• Whither Agricultural Education and Research?
- M G Jackson

• Further Evidence on the Prehistory of Sesame
- D Q Fuller

• A Historical Look at Genetically Engineered Crop Plants and their Impact on Asian Agriculture
- A B Damania

• Indigenous Medicines for the Treatment of Livestock in Tarai Region of Uttar Pradesh
- Rupasi Tiwari and Rahul Tiwari

• Past and Present Experiences of Farmers of Ranole Village in Northern Gujarat: A Case Study
- M Padmaiah, G V Ramanjaneyulu, K S Patel, and H C Pathak

• The Vedic Symbolism of Agriculture
- Fatah Singh

• Vedic Literature and the Gulf of Cambay Discovery
- David Frawley

• Current Research and Our Agri-heritage
- Y L Nene

• Book Review: Indigenous Rice Varieties - 2
- Y L Nene

 No. 3, July-September 2003

• Crop Disease Management Practices in Ancient, Medieval, and Pre-modern India
- Y L Nene

• Re-look at Existing Farming Systems of Sikkim for Sustainable Agriculture Under Hills Ecosystem
- Patiram

• Analysis and Forecast of Winter Monsoon Based on Pre-Vedic Literature and Simulated Model
- M Murugan, N Miniraj, A Josephrajkumar, K P Pradeep, and L Yusuf

• Folk Literature on Weather and Crop
- V Sumathi and A V Nagavani

• Indigenous Maternal Health Care Practices of Rural Women
- Shobha Nagnur, Channamma Nanjayyanamath, and Geeta Channal

• Mlecchita Vikalpa: Saraswati-Sindhu Civilization
- S Kalyanaraman

• Agricultural Biotechnology: Comments and Clarifications
- M G Jackson/A B Damania

• Additional Errors in Krishi-Parashara
- Valmiki Sreenivasa Ayangarya

• Current Research and Agri-heritage
- Y L Nene

   No. 4, October-December 2003

• Nirody the Garden Guru
- Hira Nirodi Chandran

• Agri-history and Sustainable Agriculture: A Consideration of Technology and Ancient Wisdom
- L Falvey

• Ethno-agricultural Study of Mahadeokolis in Maharashtra, India
- D K Kulkarni and M S Kumbhojkar

• Sustainable Management of Land and Water Resources through Indigenous Technological Knowledge
- Lipi Das, H N Verma, and G Kar

• Traditional Knowledge on Plant Conservation Linked to Beliefs and Religious Rites
- Yogesh T Jasrai and Binita B Chaplot

• Indigenous Agricultural Knowledge: An Appraisal of Tribal Wisdom
- Ranjay K Singh

• Celebration of Mushtigraha and Pushyayatra by Farmers in South India: A Living Lifestyle
- Valmiki Sreenivasa Ayangarya

• Orientation in History of Indian Agriculture

• Current Research and Agri-heritage
- Y L Nene

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