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  No.1, January - March 2016
  • Sesamum indicum (Sesame or Til): Seeds and Oil – A Historical and Scientific Evaluation from Indian Perspective
    NC Shah

  • Archaeological Evidence of the Domestication of Pigs in the Southern Part of the Russian Far East
    Nadezhda Momot, Alexander Kim, Nadezhda Artemyeva, Lev Lapshin, Kolina Yuliia, and Igor Kamliia

  • Heritage Rich Agricultural Technologies of the Sangam Period
    - D Udhaya Nandhini, L Vimalendran, S Sangamithra, V Kalaiyarasan, and S Suganthi

  • Indigenous Postpartum Practices Followed by Rural Women of Kumaon Region, Uttarakhand
    - Tara Negi and Dhriti Solanki

  • The Portuguese and the Introduction of American Fruit Plants into India
    - Sandip Kumar

  • Book Review : The Life and Work of the Maharaja of Wheat
    - AB Damania

  • Asian Agri-History Foundation : Progress Report 2015
  • Author's Guide for Submission of Manuscripts
  No.2, April - June 2015
  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Crop Varieties in Conservation Agriculture and Biodiversity
    Baisakhi Bandyopadhyay

  • Indigenous Seed Treatment Methods to Enhance Germination and for Control of Pests and Diseases
    — R Gowthami, KV Raghavendra, M Dhananivetha, and R Shashank

  • Surgeon John Shortt on Native Cattle Breeds of Southern India in 1889
    - Ramya Raman, Chitra Narayanasamy, and Anantanarayanan Raman

  • Documentation of Indigenous Technical Knowledge Among Tribal Dairy Farmers in Idukki District, Kerala
    — Bimal P Bashir, N Narmatha, KM Sakthivel, V Uma, D Thirunavakararu, and M Jothilakshmi

  • Traditional Wisdom of Fishing Techniques and Rituals of Kuruman Tribe of Wayanad, Western Ghats
    - KK Prajith, MP Remesan, and Leela Edwin

  • Food Security for Marginalized Rohingyas in Myanmar
    - HM Moore

  • A Peep into the Historical Facts on Agricultural Education and Research in Jammu and Kashmir
    - BL Puttoo

  No.3, July–September 2016
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