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  No.1, January - March 2015
  No.2, April - June 2015
  • The Beginnings of the Traditional Indian Medical Science – Ayurveda
    BD Sharma

  • Exploration of Some Ethnomedicinal Plants Used by Natives of Hamirpur District in Himachal Pradesh
    Neetu Sharma and Gulshan Kumar

  • Yogic Farming through Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation: An Ancient Technique for Enhancing Crop Performance
    - Sunita T Pandey, Omvati Verma, Kewalanand, DS Pandey, Subhash Gill, JC Patel, GN Patel, DM Patel, BT Patel, DS Patel, IS Patel, RN Patel, NK Sing, and DM Thakur

  • Ancient Indian Literature on Importance of Livestock from Pre-Vedic to Ashoka Period
    - Aruna T Kumar, Rajbir Singh, and PS Panwar

  • The Parsi Contribution to Indian Agriculture and Agri-research
    - AB Damania

  • Role of Biotechnology in Conservation, Evaluation, and Utilization of Agricultural Biodiversity
    - Supriya Babasaheb Aglawe, Mamta Singh, Jyotika Purohit, and Dipti Singh

  • Conservation of Asiatic Lion: A Success Story
    - AR Ahlawat, VB Dongre, SN Ghodasara, and MD Odedra

  No.3, July–September 2015
  • Shifting Paradigms of Agriculture and Forestry and Marginalization of Forest Dwellers in India
    Arun Chaturvedi, Nitin Patil, Alka Chaturvedi, and Trilok Hajare

  • Effect of Postharvest Application of Plant Extracts on Physical Parameters and Shelf Life of Guava
    Anisa Anjum Malik, Anju Bhat, Naseer Ahmed, and RajKumari Kaul

  • Multiple Uses of Neglected Wild Plants by the Indigenous People of the Garhwal Himalayas
    - — Anuradha Dutta, Chandra Dev, BK Khanduri, and Sanjay Sachan

  • Ancient Indian Literature on Livestock Breeding and Nutrition 205 Corroborated by Modern Literature
    - Aruna T Kumar, Rajbir Singh, and PS Panwar

  • Cow Urine – Sanjivani for Honeybees: Success Stories of Beekeepers
    - Ruchira Tiwari

  • Additional Note on the Parsi Contribution to Indian Agriculture and Agri-research
    - AB Damania

  • Tree Welfare as Envisaged in Ancient Indian Literature
    - KG Sheshadri

  • Indigenous Technical Knowledge of Tribes on Livestock Diseases in Kolli Hills of Tamil Nadu
    - V Uma, N Narmatha, KM Sakthivel, and M Jothilakshmi

  No.4, October–December 2015
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