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aroowPanchtatva, Agriculture, and Sustainability of Life on Earth
      - Rajendra Prasad
aroowAncient Practices for Water and Forest Conservation followed by Women in Lesser
      Himalayan Region of Nainital, Uttarakhand, India
      - Karuna Joshi and Neelam Bhardwaj
aroowUse of Botanicals by Farmers for Integrated Pest Management of Crops in
      - KV Raghavendra, R Gowthami, NM Lepakshi, M Dhananivetha, and R Shashank
aroowClassification of Flowers as Gleaned from Ancient Indian Literature and Culture
      - KG Sheshadri
aroowHistorical Journey with Amaranth
      - JS Aswal, BS Bisht, Rajendra Dobhal, and DP Uniyal
aroowThe Ancient "Khapli" Wheat: Is it Under-utilized ?
      - AB Damania
aroowA Connected Account of Ancient Indian History Using a System Approach
      - KD Singh
aroowForest Foods of Northern Western Ghats: Mode of Consumption, Nutrition,
      and Availability
      - Rohini Jadhav, Mandar N Datar, and AS Upadhye
aroowAncient Indian Literature on Animal Housing and Health Corroborated by Modern
      - Aruna T Kumar, Rajbir Singh, and PS Panwar
aroowProbable Agricultural Biodiversity Heritage Sites in India: XXI. The Malabar Region
      - Anurudh K Singh
aroowTamarindus indica Introduction in India and Culinary, Medicinal, and Industrial       Uses - NC Shah pdf
aroowTraditional Livestock Husbandry Knowledge in Tamil Nadu
      - A Manivannan, P Mathialagan, and N Narmatha
aroowResponse to Comments on Ancient and Medieval Agriculture of India
      - YL Nene
aroowCoconut History, Uses, and Folklore - SC Ahuja, Siddharth Ahuja, and Uma Ahuja pdf
aroowProbable Agricultural Biodiversity Heritage Sites in India: XX. The Konkan Region
      - Anurudh K Singh
aroowBiopesticide Formulation to Control Tomato Lepidopteran Pest Menace
      - Sumitra Arora, Ashok K Kanojia, Ashok Kumar, Navin Mogha, and Vikrant Sahu
aroowProbable Agricultural Biodiversity Heritage Sites in India: XIX. The Northwestern       Deccan Plateau Region, the Leeward Side of the Western Ghats  - Anurudh K Singh pdf
aroowLuffa, hermaphrodita : First Report of its Distribution and cultivation in Adilabad,       Andhra Pradesh, South India pdf
aroowThe Bovine Hide Industry in Thailand - Pakapun Sku8nmum pdf
aroowThe Greatness of Ancient India's Developments - Stephen Knapp pdf
aroowProbable Agricultural Biodiversity Heritage Sites in India:XV. The Bastar Region       - Anurudh K Singh pdf
aroowSignificant Milestones in Evolution of Agriculture in the World - YL Nene pdf
aroowProbable Agricultural Biodiversity Heritage Sites in India: XIII. Lower Gangetic       Plain or Delta Region - Anurudh K Singh pdf
aroowRainfall Forecast for Gujarat for 2012 - MC Varshneya, VB Vaidya, Vyas Pandey,       AM Shekh, LD Chimote, and KS Damle pdf
aroowEnvironment and Spiritualism: Integral Parts of Ancient Indian Literature on       Agriculture pdf
aroowThe Planet Earth, Life, and Agriculture Science, Mythology, and History pdf
aroowProbable Agricultural Biodiversity Heritage Sites in India : XI.The Upper       Gangetic Plains Region pdf
aroowPotential of Some Methods Described in Vrikshayurvedas in Crop Yield Increase       and Disease Management pdf
aroowIndian Pulses Through the Millennia pdf
aroowRice Research in South Asia through the Ages pdf
aroowElephants in Manasollasa 1 pdf
aroowElephants in Manasollasa 2 pdf
aroowElephants in Manasollasa 3 pdf
aroowOn Fish in Manasollasa (c. 1131 AD) pdf
aroowSuccess if Soybean in India : the Early Challenges and Pioneer Promoters pdf
aroowBoerhaavia Diffusa - A Wild Herb With Potent Biological and Antimicrobial       Properties pdf
aroowKunapajala - A Liquid Organic Manure of Antiquity pdf
aroowLevel of Agricultural Technology in India (1757-1857) pdf
aroowA Glimpse at Viral Diseases in the Ancient Period pdf
aroowRed Rices - Past , Present , and Future pdf
aroowUser-friendly Storage Practices Followed by Rural Women of  Rajasthan pdf
aroowRice - A Nutraceutical pdf
aroowForestry in Ancient India: Some Literary Evidences on Productive and Protective       Aspects pdf
aroowProbable Agricultural Biodiversity Heritage sites in India: I.The Cold-Arid Region       ofLadakh and Adjacent Address pdf
aroowAncient Indian Traditional and Scientific Though on Plants : Sir JC Bose and       Vrikshayurvena pdf
aroowJagadish Chandra Bose: The First Indian Biophysicist -Arunima Chaudhuri and       Amitabha Chattopadhyay pdf
aroowIndigenous Knowledge in Conservation Agriculture - YL Nene pdf
aroowThe Brahmaputra Valley Region - Anurudh K Singh pdf
aroowProbable Agricultural Biodiversity Heritage Sites in India: V. The Garo, Khasi, and       Jaintia Hills Region- Anurudh K Singh pdf
aroowDeo-rahati: An Ancient Concept of Biodiversity Conservation -DS Nipunage and DK       Kulkarni pdf
aroowA Mosquito Repellent Karanj Kunapa from Pongamia Pinnata -Aboli Lale and DK       Kulkarni pdf
aroowProbable Agricultural Biodiversity Heritage Sites in India: VI. The Northeastern       Hills of Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, and Tripura- Anurudh K Singh pdf
aroowSarameyavinoda in Manasollasa: Dogs for Recreation and Hunting - Nalini Sadhale       and YL Nene pdf
aroowBhudharakrida (Royal Enjoyment on a Pleasuremound) in Manasollasa - Nalini       Sadhale and YL Nene pdf
aroowProbable Agricultural Biodiversity Heritage Sites in India: VII. The Arid Western       Region - Anurudh K Singh pdf
aroowPerformance and Evaluation of Saumic Suvrushti Project in India - MC Varshneya,       VB Vaidya, Nanaji Kale, and Ketan Kale pdf
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